The Fact About scientology beliefs medical care That No One Is Suggesting

No doubt you'll find benevolent facets of Scientology. And these elements are fantastic. It’s probably why it's lasted so extended.

Investigating whatever you need, at any time you would like, with whom at any time you would like about something. That is definitely freedom. When another person informs you you cannot look at one thing, can not analysis a little something, are not able to Believe about a little something and they connect with it the Street TO Flexibility?????? I'm sorry Penny. That's the tyranny of believed masquerading as being the “highway out”

So, while in the phrases of Hubbard on The key OT level III, there is absolutely no these types of thing as God and no these types of point as Christ and Christianity can be a manifestation of the evil Digital mind Management mechanism which was positioned in everyone 75 million many years in the past.

Scientology is the sole workable system Man has. It has now taken folks towards larger IQ, far better life and all that. No other system has. So realize that it has no competitor. Scientology is a workable system. It's the route taped. The search is finished. Now the route only should be walked.

I'm not criticizing you Marildi. I'm only stating an observation within your ‘no present’ to the Critics blog site and an exceedingly significant existence submitting to protect The nice identify of Ron.

Anyway, just about every gentleman is then demonstrated to have been crucified, so don’t think that it’s a collision this crucifixion .. they learned that this applied.

I didn’t recognize that nonsense about the volcano on the duvet in the dianetics book, in my exprerience scientology beliefs basic not a soul responded to this, the only thing which was productive was a great revenue method by the person promoting the book.

“I discovered it fascinating. It adjusted how I thought. I’ve acquired how to take a look at matters and not decide them but regard them and use it in a means that people realize that I respect them, demonstrate them love and respect their reality.

e where the church pursues a critic with the intention of RUINING HIM), compelled disconnections from family users and so forth and many others and on and on.

The man over the cross. There was no Christ but The person within the cross is demonstrated as just about every man so needless to say Everybody

Just another thing on this, the time period scientology beliefs lizards “Everyman” has a different meaning to “just about every man”. This means a symbolic figure or item depicted as male (in general) as I am able to understand it.

I applaud and thank you for taking this type of courageous stand. We must always put up a billboard or some thing, ya know?

Great comment Penny. I also am grateful for the 1st Modification and I’m not even an American. We have legislation for most societies that monitor or attempt to keep track of criminal actions and abuses. It really is scientology beliefs in spanish an regrettable point of life they aren’t as helpful as they make out or would want to be, lots of criminals are qualified in circumventing the legislation place in place to suppress their functions. Even so the US Constitution is imo essentially the most exceptional document after the Magna Carta ever being applied in almost any society. Just to Feel exactly where or simply just just how long the US in its existing state would have survived without it boggles the intellect. Liberty of speech and religion has to be maintained for it heralds a brand new dim age if they ever disappear.

We are heading inside our Modern society, inside our culture inside our world to a more inclusive, tolerant and accepting nature.

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